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Luke lives and works in Leeds but grew up in London. He made his home in Leeds after coming to the city for his degree. Luke writes a lot during the course of his 'day job' but really loves the freedom and creativity of dramas, often with a focus on 'real lives' and local history. He is particularly interested in the movement of people and communities as they strive to form new lives and identities. He is married with three sons.


Young Fox

This is a drama based on the life of a real Leeds hero - the city's first boxing champion Joe Fox, who like many other Jews at the time changed his name and reinvented himself. He was also part of the very rich tradition of Jewish boxers around 100 years ago, who fought their way out of the ghettos of Europe and America. Joe ended up running a sweet shop when he retired, and the play imagines his initially stilted but increasingly warm interactions with a boy who is also struggling with issues of identity and racism. Perhaps Joe and Akram can teach each other a thing or two?

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