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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

On 30 & 31st of May 2015 the writers, actors and production team gathered together for the inaugural Dream Reality Radio Drama recordings at Trinity Vision, Leeds. The day began early with the usual chaos of actors arriving, scripts shuffling, writers acquainting themselves with actors and read throughs.

Charlotte Riches who is the radio development producer at BBC Manchester directed and was assisted by Hope Primus who did a great job of familiarising herself with the production process within her trainee role. The first day of recording gave an overview of how blessed the project was to have such great material, the second day matched the first. As opposed to recording in the traditional way we were able to record using various spaces at Trinity Vision and also to venture outside into the great open space. The quality of the writing was testament to the process which allowed the writers’ time to develop their work. Dream Reality Radio Drama was part organic in this inaugural project which gave the writers one to one support using various methods of communication with a ‘don’t panic’ approach which was an asset to the process. The natural and non-contrived diversity was a fulfilment of an inclusive approach to talent and representation. As a result we achieved what you can now listen to on this website. A lot has to be said for talent and creativity. Much has to be said for dedication and craft. The writers who took part in this project should be proud to have made such a valid contribution not just to this individual project but to the vast voice of radio drama and documentary. The two documentary makers battled with equipment and narrative alike, the drama writers wrestled with narrative strands and editing. We should note that the participants had never made a radio production before, it was new to them and a challenge they took on with a skill and dedication that could only be found in natural flair and tenacity. The lengths that some of the writers went to in order to achieve their goals is to be admired. The talent agents provided some outstanding talent and my hat goes off to them for identifying and providing the opportunity not just for their clients but for this project. The staff and volunteers at Trinity Vision deserve an award for their focus and accommodation. The two days of recording were a part of a much larger plan. The execution of that plan was in no small part aided by some very skilful editing. We can only celebrate such a wonderful coming together of humble minds and the explosive ability that enabled this project to happen.

Thanks to Ken, Becks, Danny and Lorna at Trinity Vision, to the actors and their agents, Northern Drama, Redwood Casting, Stage 84, Morello Cherry, WGM, Freedom Studios, Sidrah, Semaab, Nisha, the cast of Albert who were a law untu themselves, Andrew Edwards and Rozina Breen at BBC Radio Leeds, Sue Roberts and Toby Swift at BBC Radio Salford and London.


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